Getting "WebApplicationInfoIdConflictOnSideloadingIntoTeam" when trying to install custom app

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I developed a Teams custom app, and when trying to upload it to some channels in my team I get the following error:

request url:




status code: 400 Bad Request
response: {"errorCode":"WebApplicationInfoIdConflictOnSideloadingIntoTeam"}



I must say that it seems to be working on other channels without problem.

May it have something with uninstall and reinstall the app again maybe?

If so, how can I resolve it?


would love to get your help here


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@omer-astrix - WebApplicationInfoIdConflictOnSideloadingIntoTeam error occurs when the of the custom app is already used by another app in the team. When an RSC app containing a webApplicationInfo.Id is sideloaded into a team such that it shares webApplicationInfo.Id with another app already installed in the team, then the call fails with the above error. Could you please check and confirm if you have same webApplicationInfo.Id for both apps in the team.

@Meghana-MSFT Seems like it works fine now, may it be a matter of time to sync?

I've already seen that when adding a custom app in the admin panel it might take some hours to see the app in the teams client, and I wonder if it might be the same case here?


It could be, but the actual reason why we get WebApplicationInfoIdConflictOnSideloadingIntoTeam is when the of the custom app is already used by another app in the team.