Getting "Unable to reach app. Please try again." while searching content from custom app in teams

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I have integrated custom application to Ms-teams using manifes.json file. All the content I can access using providing url for tabs in manifest.json and I have given all the permissions from Teams admin center.

I am not able to search content in Temas Search box and in chat also I am not able to find content of my custom application. I am able to get custom application but not conent in search and share in chat.
Getting "Unable to reach app. Please try again."

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Hi @aniketkadwane1600,

It seems like a bot problem where Teams cannot find or reach it. Is your bot well deployed and reachable on the web?

@Alexis CONIA 
No, I didn't used bot for this. Please find attached image where you find configuration related Boat and messaging extension.
Should I need to create messgingextenstion or bot for my application or using admin center of teams we can manage permissions for search and chat ?

@aniketkadwane1600 - Are you trying to search items in tab by using teams search? From the first screen shot i could see that you are searching for message extension search which is not implemented in your app. You need to implement the Message extension. Could you please check this docs? Could you please explain your scenario in more detail?

I have one angular application in which we have used routing and through ngrok I have exposed my local application on internet. 
In manifest.json file I have configured tab with ngrok url with routing. you can see it in attached file which is uploaded in app store of teams.

I didn't made any messaging extension if it is needed in application can you please guide me how do I develop it for my application to work search and chat in Teams (Application is custom app to upload in teams) ? 


@aniketkadwane1600 Message Extension requires a bot to process the request. You can check the documentation here You will be able to add search commands and actions commands.

@Alexis CONIA - Are sure about that ? Have you implemented in some application?
Because I do have already an angular application. should I add the code from Microsoft Document in My application or need to create separate one ?
Can you provide me any working example with proper steps I have tried above one which provided in link but need Bot registration and not able to run that Node.js project after installing dependency and gulp.
It will be helpful if you can provide proper example with proper steps.
Thank you.

@aniketkadwane1600 - Teams does not handle the tab search iteams you need to implement it in your code. Could you please try to implement bot and message extension. Could you please check this sample to implement the message extension search.

@Nikitha-MSFT - For only search in Teams search box we need to implement messaging extension?
Please see attached image.

@aniketkadwane1600 - yes you need to implement the message extension search, Since teams search does not handle the tab items in your app.

@Nikitha-MSFT - I have implemented sample code for Messaging extension Search. Now I want to know for my custom application should I use the same code with API changes and handle response for custom application ?
Below is the api and image of result which I get in search:
var obj = JObject.Parse(await (new HttpClient()).GetStringAsync($"{text}&prerelease=true"));



@aniketkadwane1600 I'm not sure to understand what you want to do. Based on your image, it seems that our application is working now. What do you mean by "should I use the same code with API changes and handle response for custom application". Thanks

Yes it is workings and got the solution. Thank you for guidance