Get meetingAttendanceReport not returning the external ID passed during registrant creation

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Hi Team, 


We are using the Get meetingAttendanceReport endpoint to retrieve the attendance report from an onlineMeeting on which External Meeting Registration has been enabled. We used the Create externalMeetingRegistrant endpoint and passed the ID as an external ID from our system (Cvent). 


The registrant used the joinWebURL that is generated after the registrant creation. However when we pull the Attendance report using the above mentioned endpoint, it does not return the external ID that we passed and rather what looks like an internal generated id. 


We are unable to map the attendance back to the attendee in our system due to this issue however we have been able to do this in the past. Can you please assist us here?


I have attached the request and response of both the calls. 

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@vsehgal - Thank you for reporting this, we will check this and get back to you.
Looks like I was able to resolve it. The beta version endpoint does return the Registrant ID while v1.0 of the same endpoint does not.

Is this a gap?
@vsehgal - We are also able to repro this issue, we will check internally if this is a bug or the registrant ID has been recently included in the beta response.
HI Meghana,

I know for sure that registrant ID was there for there for the longest time as we very actively use it. The gap here seems to be with v1.0 API endpoint for externalMeetingRegistrant. The sole purpose of this endpoint is to collect registration from an external system which lets you input your own ID from the external system and then subsequently return this external system ID with attendance reports. v1.0 endpoint must return this registrant ID like the beta endpoint while retrieving the attendance data for this externalOnlineMeeting.
Engineering team has given the below response - This is by design. You can confirm by checking out our v1.0 doc and find out there's no such property called "registrantId“ (because this is a beta feature). Please also note the registrantId property maps to the meeting registration capability which is subject to deprecation.