Get last url loaded in the iframe in microsoft teams custom app

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I have created an custom application in microsoft teams. And loaded our organization website in that tab. As in the organization website it have multiple routes which user can go while accessing website from tab.


So, is there any way in teams js sdk which can give the last route which was accessed by the user in the tab.

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Hi @Parth_Agrawal

I see you raised the question on Stack too

As far as I am aware nothing like this currently exists. I would recommend, as others have raising this on uservoice in order to push it up the agenda and get it in front of the Microsoft product and Engineering Teams

If picked up you would be notified. Just to note, it could take some time if at all. I would also recommend keeping an eye out on AMA's for Microsoft Teams here on the tech community particularly Microsoft Teams Developer AMA's and ask this question again as someone in Microsoft may have considered this previously

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

Ok, Thanks for the reply Chris