Get details of Teams Instant Meeting in a channel using Microsoft Graph API

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Is there any Graph API to get all channel meetings in a Teams team. If I use{team-id}/channels/{channel-id}/messages

I get all the messages, including any Meeting that is scheduled. But I do not get any details regarding the instant meeting

I also tried this -{group-id}/events But this also just gives the list of meetings that were scheduled and are a part of the calendar

I also tried the API - CreatOrGet. But for this we need to pass the 'externalId' and there is no way to get an external id of an instant meeting (that is started using the 'Meet Now' button on top right hand side. Is there any API to get the external Id of an instant meeting ?

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Had a look and couldn't find a way. I think it is because as you have seen, it is not scheduled and recorded as such. It is an active meeting, that is just instantly initiated.

I am sure you have been through this area of the Graph documentation but worth double checking:



@mike1927 I would like to have this option too, I have a subscription to call record, but sometimes we miss some notifications, I could make a comparisson with those messages, but currently I am not getting them. Is any way to obtain those messages including their replies?