Generate add to teams url

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I am developing a chatbot for microsoft teams and I need to display a link on my website to add app to teams. Once user clicks on this link then he/she will be able to add the app to teams. Any idea how to generate this url?

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@SujayBawaskar You can do that by adding a deeplink to app installation. Here's the format of the link:[YourAppId]

@Gousia_Begum , does this deep link allow additional parameters to be passed from my website? I need to register MS teams user details in my website to send updates/feeds. So after adding the app to teams it should redirect back to my website with MS teams user details. 

@Gousia_Begum , needed functionality similar to add to slack mentioned in Is this possible with MS teams? 

@SujayBawaskar No it is not possible to pass the users information through deeplink parameters. You would need to Authenticate the user inside Teams tab.