Forms authentication not working properly in Teams SharePoint App

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I've created a simple Teams SharePoint App via AppStudio.

At the SharePoint page, which is a Communication site, a couple of stream videos are included and also a Forms form. For a couple of users the forms form cannot load but looks like that:


2021-01-13 08_24_17-Training _ Microsoft Teams - testuser.itmitarbeiter - Microsoft​ Edge.png

Nothing changes if the users click on "Continue".


For some users the same error occurs with the Stream videos too.

The forms form is approved for all company users.

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@Thomsch - Did you add 

"supportedHosts": ["SharePointWebPart","TeamsTab","SharePointFullPage"] in the share point manifest? Could you please conform?

@Nikitha-MSFT Can you please direct me to the place where to edit the SharePoint manifest? For most user this problem is not occuring. But a couple of them have this problem.

@Thomsch Did you add the authentication to your forms? Could you please conform?