Firewall settings: Source IP range for Ms Graph call notifications

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Hi everybody,


we have configured a calling BOT with an Webhook (for calling) URL like

Which source ip ranges do we have to open in the firewall settings for this notifications?

We need a list of all Microsoft Cloud Servers, which sends this call notifications.


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@relkniw-We are looking into this I will get back to you soon.


We knew these document, but it's not helpful for us. We have opened all ports within these document.

But we are looking for the Server IP addresses for call notifications. If we make a telephone call to our bot, we get notifications from different servers:

First try the notification cames from source, then when we try again the notifications came from source


These adresses are not listed in the document.


So every time we make a call to our bot, the source ip address of the notification changes. And we need a list of all possible source  ip adresses.



@relkniw - We are checking it engineering team and let you know if we get any updates.

@relkniw -We got confirmation from engineering team. " The bot platform services run in the public Azure cloud but we do not publish their source IP addresses. So for inbound TCP connections, the bot firewall will need to allow anything from the Azure public cloud. There is a JSON file Azure publishes with its public IP address ranges @

If the bot is participating in audio/video calls, then it can firewall peer/source IP addresses for UDP to and, per
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Yes,, UDP: 3478, 3479, 3480, 3481