Fetch all Messages with Call Recordings

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I am trying to fetch all call-recordings in a teams channel using graph api



What $filter can be used to fetch messages that will only return callrecording message 

Alternatively, can I just subscribe to 
/teams/getAllMessages that will only forward messages of type CallRecordings.
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@Kuldeep Desai - Currently List channel messages  supports only $top query parameter. /teams/getAllMessages gives the list of all messages in the channel not just messages of type CallRecordings. 


Please check this thread to fetch call recordings - How to get meeting recording url and how to download it? - Microsoft Q&A

Please let us know if you have any more queries?





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@Kuldeep - Could you please confirm if your issue has resolved with above suggestion or still looking for any help?

Thanks @ChetanSharma-msft, but unfortunately with the method you suggested, we would need to keep processing unnecessary messages to extract a few message which are actually call recording. Would appreciate if you can suggest a way to just extract messages that contain callRecordings.

Currently it is not possible to only extract messages that contain callRecordings. You can suggest this feature at Microsoft Uservoice.