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About 10% of our users are unable to log into our app from the Teams Windows Client.  This does not occur on the Macintosh, IOS or Android. 


When they attempt to log in, they are presented with a blank page and then Teams hangs.  We found that doing an Office Repair seems to fix the problem.


We believe the issue is related to Microsoft's rollout of WAM and is specific to the Windows Teams client. 

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@donkos  - Is it happening with custom app or the initial login of Teams client?
This is happening on attempting to log into our custom app. We are using the "simple signon" code that we got from github ( It has been working for the past year; this intermittent signon problem began appearing about 2 months ago. Our app only uses tabs.

Can you check if user is having same behavior when doing Teams web client? Please check for console error. Refer this to check on Teams Desktop - Access DevTools on the desktop .

Let us know the microsoftTeams SDK version and Teams Desktop version that is installed.




Yes, we will check to see if this happens with the web client as well.  We believe this has something to do with the transition to WAM?

Hello, the issue does not happen in the Teams Web Client when using our app. The problem has happened across different versions of the Teams desktop app on Windows but mostly on version However, we have also had users on this Teams app version with no problem at all. Thank you for your guidance.

Could you please error and share the error from console Teams Desktop client? Refer this Access DevTools on the desktop -

We found something that may be related - we have not enabled MSAL for our teams endpoints, could this be the issue? The problem only occurs on teams app which uses the teams endpoints. A
There's already a bug in our backlog related to `microsoftTeams.authentication.authenticate()` and `microsoftTeams.authentication.notifySuccess()`. That is happening only for Teams desktop. Could you check if you are getting error such as CancelledByUser or other?

Yes, we are getting cancelled by user even though the user took no action. We can also confirm that this is related to Teams desktop only. Web, IOS and Android all work fine.

@donkos -

Thanks for the quick reply, we already have a bug raised for this. Concerned team is looking into it. I will let you know the updates.



Hunaid Hanfee


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Hello, just wanted to check in to see if there are any updates on a resolution for this bug that has been raised. Any ETA perhaps? Thank you so much for the feedback. 


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Sorry, I don't have an ETA to share. Concerned team is looking into it. Issue is not faced by everyone and it is hard to repro the issue and see the actual cause. I will let you know as soon as I got any update. 



Thank you for keeping us posted. We greatly appreciate that. Our engineer will be posting the findings that we are seeing to assist you with this bug. In the meantime, could you send me the Microsoft ticket# for this bug? We are being asked by our customer who is being impacted by this problem.


Thank you!


Thank you @KenCrest, The bug is internal and it doesn't have publicly accessible URL. For the updates I will let you know. Also, I will share the findings shared by you and other community member with the concerned team.

@HunaidHanfee-MSFT - one thing we are seeing is that the users that can't log in tend to have their devices hybrid joined to AAD.  Again, this only affects Teams Windows Desktop App. 


The customer has a Microsoft Senior Customer Success Account Manager that is requesting the case# so that they can review it on behalf of the customer/organization. Could you kindly reach out to Ed Capko with the internal case# for this bug? Thank you so much. 

Ed Capko

Senior Customer Success Account Manager

UC number: 604-693-7873 (calls office and cell)

I faced exactly the same issue. I would like to be updated when there are any solutions for this, because this login issue is a big issue for our customers as well.
@KimvdM @donkos425 - we have got the update from engineering team on this thread -
Please have look.

It would be better if you start tracking there of updates.