Error while reading manifest.js

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I am using ngrok for exposing localhost URL to HTTPS. Error message is: Invalid value(s) specified for validDomains[0]: ""
Url should start with "https://"


I have tried everything I found online, but none of the solutions seems to work, and I still can't install my app in Microsoft Teams.


Thanks in advance!

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@Rick Van Rousselt may be able to answer this one. I have seen many sessions of him using ngrok and he is one of the most experienced devs of Teams I know


Best, Chris



Inside your manifest you should not specify HTTP or HTTPS for the valid domains section.

If you look here you see an example. 

So in your case should be enough. 

I see you are developing here, what I usually do during development is set it to * This makes it easier the next time you fire up ngrok and get another URL. 

Let me know if you have any other issues?


@Christopher Hoard Took a while before I figured out the notification email got into my spam folder :)