Error when trying to add a Bot in MS Teams

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I'm having a problem trying to insert a botchat in MS teams. The error a happens when I try to add the bot to the channel. Showing the following message: Adam Teams cannot be added due to a problem with the botAs shown in red in the image below:


Could anyone help me with this? 

Note: If someone with experience can help, we can pay by the hour.

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@jericogs- We are looking into this I will get back to you soon.
@jericogs- Could you please share repro steps and manifest json , so that we can try it from our end?


First thanks for the feedback. Regarding the steps to get to this error I followed this article: When I got to the end of the article. More specifically in the "Creating the Bot Service and Application Registration" The error came. This part of running on Bot Framework Emulator worked fine. I believe that with this I can simulate what is happening with my code.

@jericogs-This article demonstrates how to deploy a basic bot to Azure. It explains how to create resources for your bot, prepare your bot for deployment, deploy your bot to Azure, and test your bot in Web Chat.
Reference Document- Publish your bot to Azure - Bot Service | Microsoft Docs

After it burst into this error I also saw this documentation. But I didn't see anything I could have done wrong follows the same paths.
@jericogs- We are checking it from our end and let you know.

@jericogs -We are unable to repro the scenario. It's working fine for us. Could you please try it with this sample?

I will look at your code. I'm still having the same error.


I tried with the sample you sent me, but I couldn't run the code. As I couldn't, I ended up uploading my initial Java code to this repository:


Would you like to see if you managed to insert the Bot created in this code in MS Teams?


Note: On my local machine the code in the repository is working in Bot Framework Emulator. How can I show in the image.




But when I try to insert in MS Teams comes the error:



As you look at what I asked you above about the code. Would you like to send the App Manifest of the Ms Teams of this bot that you were able to successfully insert into Teams. It would be a file in json format that is in Ms Teams.

@jericogs -Could you please share the manifest json, so we can try it from our end?