English is not there in ChoiceDefinitions of Microsoft choice recognizer

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Below is the Choice definition for German 


public static class ChoiceDefinitions
public const string LangMarker = @"Ger";

public const string TokenizerRegex = @"[^\w\d\u00E0-\u00FC]";

public const string SkinToneRegex = @"(\uD83C\uDFFB|\uD83C\uDFFC|\uD83C\uDFFD|\uD83C\uDFFE|\uD83C\uDFFF)";

public static readonly string TrueRegex = $@"\b(wahr|ja|jep|j|sicher|ok|einverstanden|mit\s+Sicherheit|sicherlich|jap|mache ich)\b|(\uD83D\uDC4D|\uD83D\uDC4C){SkinToneRegex}?";

public static readonly string FalseRegex = $@"\b(falsch|nein|ne|nö|nicht\s+ok|nicht\s+einverstanden|n)\b|(\uD83D\uDC4E|\u270B|\uD83D\uDD90){SkinToneRegex}?";



In this we dont have 'yes' and 'no' in true and false regex.


English words are only mentioned in Dutch , Hindi and Swedish. Is it possible to add English word for all the regex 



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@Lakshmi_145 - Are you developing any Microsoft Teams app?



I am working on a chat bot project and recently we have added the German language support also.

For confirm prompt , we have added the prompt validator and it validates the data from the context using the true and false regex. In German regex, yes and no is not there so validation is getting failed.


So is it possible to update the regex for all the language with yes and no


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