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Hi everyone, I'm trying to embed a Teams meeting inside an iframe, I've read something about Azure Communication Services, but I dont know even if are the same thing. 
I've created a Teams meeting with Graph Api and what I want is present join url in a iframe, someone knows a way to do this?

Thanks in advance

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Hi @KevynMarinho,
From the question it seems you want to embed teams join meeting URL in your website. Is is correct ? If that is the case, you can add a simple button on click of which you will be redirected to the meeting url.
You can add button and add click event on it which will open the meeting url.
You can open the url on button click using below code in your onClick function, "_blank"); where url will be the meeting url.

Please let us know if this is not clear or if you have any more queries.
Hi @Prithvi-MSFT, actualy, what I need is embed all the meeting inside my site, it will works like a class room, and i wuold like to maintain the atendees on my site instead to go to microsoft teams site
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Hi @KevynMarinho,
Currently this is not supported. You will need to attend meeting from teams only which is the default behavior. You can raise user voice here
Microsoft focuses on customer feedback and some features may be implemented in future.