Does Teams have a minimum number of installs before being listed in Appsource?

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I know that Slack requires 10 installs and Android requires 20 installs before they'll accept you into their store. Is there a minimum number of Teams installs before the Microsoft App Store will look at your Teams app?

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There is no specific minimum number of installs required to list your app in the Microsoft AppSource for Teams. Microsoft does not have a strict requirement for the number of installs before considering an app for listing in the Teams app store.

However, Microsoft does have mandatory validation tests that all apps must pass before being listed in the AppSource. These tests ensure that the apps meet high standards of privacy, security, and usability. 

In addition to the mandatory validation tests, Microsoft also encourages app developers to participate in an optional certification program. This program indicates enhanced compliance, security, and privacy controls for the app.

Please refer the following documentation:

  1. Microsoft Teams Store validation guidelines - Teams | Microsoft Learn
  2. Commercial marketplace general listing and offer policies | Microsoft Learn