Disable go to website button, in power app

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I have created a Power app and links that to Teams,
We have created the Power app, so people can view certain documents, without downloading or printing them. Now is the problem that when opening the Power app, in the teams chat there is an option: Go to website, from where people can print/save the document. Is there a way to disable that button ?

I have already deleted the website url, from the manifest. 
If i use the app only for myself i don't have the go to website option.
When i link the app to a teams we do get that option.

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@Malossi , Could you please try to unset the website url in static tab configuration?


I have done that already, that had no effect

Okay Let me check we get back to you in sometime

@Malossi  , You can only unset the Go to website URL to _blank but there is no way to disable this.


could you explain how to do that?


Because I have this problem:

Create a PowerBI Report, and put it in to MS Teams.

But I want that my organization users couldn't download a report or data. 


Thank you.