Direct Routing User Configuration via Graph

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Hello, we would like to develop a tool which is configuring the user fields like EnterpriseVoiceEnabled or OnPremLineURI via Teams API. But at the moment this dont seems possible with graph. Do you have any Information when this will be possible?

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@DanielFlieth, There is no ETA that we can provide you. 

@Abhijit_MSFT Hello, what is ETA ? :)

@Abhijit_MSFT And how can i get the ETA? :)

Hi @Abhijit_MSFT - Do you have any more updates on this item? 

Hi @gy301, our internal team is working on it. As of now there is no ETA that we can provide you. We appreciate for your patience.

@Pothan-MSFT Is there still no way to configure direct Rozting with the Graph API? A lot of customers and 3rd Party companys would like to integrate this which would make the feature much more attractive to use.

Hello, do you know when this feature will come in the graph API?
I'd also love to see this functionality happen soon! :D