Developing an external teams tab- do I need microsoft entra?

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I'm creating an external facing teams tab which can be downloaded by anyone with a teams client. I do need to gather context about the user and gain access to calendars. From my understanding, SSO might require setup from my side and the user's org. Is there a way for me to access user information such as email and access calendars in a tab? I don't think I need SSO setup from my end so do I still need to set up entra and register my app there? Are there docs for this process?

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Hi @SadPython - Thanks for raising the query. To integrate user info like emails and calendars in an external Teams tab, setting up Microsoft Entra for SSO isn't mandatory. Instead, use Microsoft Graph API to access the data. Steps include:

  • Registering your app in Azure AD for API access.
  • Making API calls to Microsoft Graph with an access token.
  • Implementing user authentication in your tab app.

For detailed steps and guidelines, please refer to the Microsoft Graph API and Microsoft Graph Permission documentation.