Deep Links not working when the userPricipalName has uppercase letters

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We have been trying to use teams deeplinks

Only the call and chat ones, found that for some users where the userPricipalName is sentence case e.g. the call deeplink fails but the chat one works fine.
Found for a a few users where the userPricipalName is all lower case the call and chat works as it should. I have tried putting the email all lower case in the deeplink but this return the same message "There's a problem with the link
Try contacting the person who shared it."

The users are syncd from on prem AD to Azure AD.

As the chat link works fine, I'm reluctant to update AD userPricipalName to lower case to resolve the issue as it looks as though something different occurs on calling the call deeplink than the chat one.

I can't see any other reports but guessing that may be down to limited use of deeplinks, our use case is to promote the use of teams.

Anyone experienced anything similar?
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@Aaron1910 - Thanks for for bringing up this issue, let me check this issue with internal team and will get back to you. 

 @Aaron1910 - We are able to reproduce the issue and  raised a bug for this, concerned engineering team is working on it.

@Sridevi-MSFT Hi, any news regarding that issue? Is there an issue tracker that I could follow? Thanks, Jan

@Sridevi-MSFT @janengler Currently having the same issue while working in a Powerapps/Teams calling integration. Users with any uppercase letter can't be call to through deep link. Is there any update regarding this matter? Regards, Gian.

@gdevincenti I havn't heard anything regarding that issue, yet. The issue is still persisting for our usecase :( Does anyone have an idea how to get information about that? 

@Sridevi-MSFT once a bug is logged what's the expected time to fix/release, is there a bug number or tracker available?
Hi, This is clearly still an issue, is there a tracker for this problem. I can still reproduce it on 25/08/21 and it is affecting my integration with a new product we wish to use.
@Sridevi-MSFT - Any case number which is opened for this?
Any news when it will be resolved?
@Sridevi-MSFT - Same issue here. Any update on a fix?
Same issue. Hoping / waiting for a fix...