Deep links for published apps ignoring entityId in the new Microsoft Teams client

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For apps already published in the Microsoft Teams store, deep links to personal static tabs are not working correctly in the new Teams client.


To reproduce:

- Paste a link to a personal tab of an app in the channel chat.
- Click on link in new Teams web client.
- Note that the link takes you to the app, but it always loads the first static tab in the app, ignoring the entityId provided in the link.
- Try clicking on the link in the old Teams web client.
- Note that you are now correctly redirected to the personal static tab associated with the entityId in the link.

Sample link:


However, if I try this same use case on a custom uploaded app (not published), I am correctly redirected to the appropriate static tab.


I am using the following documentation for building the link -

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Hi @flyingscissors - Thanks for raising the query.
We look into this issue and get back to you with update.

Hi @flyingscissors - We are able to repro the issue. We are checking this internally. we will get back to you with an update. Thank you. 

Hi @flyingscissors - We have raised a bug for it. We will keep you posted on updates.

Hello @flyingscissors - Sorry for delay in response.
This issue is fixed.
Could you please verify and let us know if you are still facing this issue.
Thank you for the updates! I can confirm that this is now fixed and I no longer see the issue. :)