Deep Links error with Capital Letters in UPN

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There appears to be a bug that has not been addressed with capital letters in a UPN. If the user is on-prem AD and has been synced to 365 and contains a capital letter than you cannot call them using a deep link without an error saying something is wrong with the link.


I have found this related article from July but nothing seems to have been done about it.


Is there any way to see the bug status or get an update on it because nobody seems to be checking the other thread and this is causing me an issue with some new software that we wish to develop that has a direct link to Teams.




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Hello @stephenyoung,
I need to check internally and get back to you.
Bug is internal and we don't have public URL for it. I will update you soon about it.
Thanks for understanding.
Internal team is working on it. I don't have an ETA to share but I will keep you updated.
Hunaid Hanfee


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