Deep linking to tab from Adaptive Card Action.OpenUrl

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From the message extension, we send an Adaptive Card response which has a button that should open our app in a tab. We do that by setting the URL as a deep link to the tab. This works successfully when the app is already added as a tab (in channel or group chat). However, when the app is not yet added as a tab previously, is there a way that we automatically create a tab of our app when the deep link is triggered?

We follow this reference for in generating deep links to a tab:

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Could you please confirm the scenario where you have to just open an app via deeplink or first need to add app in tab and then want to open an app in tab via deeplink.

If you have to just open an app via deeplink then you can use below deeplink.<your-app-id>.
A dialog box appears to install or open the app.

Using graph API you can add tab in channel or chat.
Add tab to channel
POST /teams/{team-id}/channels/{channel-id}/tabs
Add tab to chat
POST /chats/{chat-id}/tabs

Then you have to add that app in tab.

There doesn't seem to be any way that we can automatically create tab of an app.
Could you please help by suggesting this feature on Microsoft Teams Community 




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