Custom Teams App not loading under macOS

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we are developing an app for microsoft teams where we have a new tab in meetings. But we are struggling to get it working under macOS. When we upload our custom app and add it to a meeting, nothing shows up and according to the tcp dump the connection to our app is refused due to an unknown certificate. The app works fine under windows and is reachable in the browser.


We have a custom domain thats pointing to a reverse proxy that is forwarding to our company on-prem k8s.


Do you have any idea how to fix this problem? Has anyone encounterd something similiar? Any ideas how to investigate this issue more deeply?


Any help is welcomed.


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@besch415 - Could you please share the error logs for your issue.
Also could you please let us know whether you have tested in Teams browser client or Desktop client on macOS machine.


Chetan Sharma


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@besch415 I'm experiencing a similar issue. Did you manage to solve yours?

@nautalis - Could you please let us know if it is happening in Teams Classic or New Teams? Also, if it's happening in Teams desktop or web client? Please do share the manifest file as well which you are using.

@Prasad_Das-MSFT The issue is happening on both Teams Classic and New Teams on all deployed macOS laptops. The custom Teams app works fine through web client on macOS. The custom app is installed via app policy. The custom app does not present any error windows, messages, or feedback. When clicking on the custom app, all the user sees is a blank white screen in the right-hand pane. What the user should see is the organization's intranet SharePoint site.

@nautalis - We are able to repro this issue. We have raised a bug for the same. We will inform you once we get any further update from engineering team. Thanks!

@nautalis , @besch415 - We got update from engineering team that "SharePoint hosted apps must use TeamsLogon.aspx and correctly configure the webApplicationInfo section in the manifest in order to handle authentication correctly." There is a great blog post explaining that here:

It should be important to note that these types of custom wrappers around SharePoint are not officially supported. The only supported way to integrate SharePoint content into Teams is either via one of the built in apps like Viva Connections, SharePoint, SharePoint Pages, Lists, etc. as documented here:

Or using the SPFx framework:





Prasad Das


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