Custom Tab user authentication / SSO with Power BI

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I am trying to bring in a Power BI report to the custom Teams App (via app studio).

When using the App and navigating to one of the Power BI tabs (these are using the standard PBI embed to website/portal url),  I am presented with the PBI sign-in screen.




I was hoping the sign-in wouldn't be required given I'm already in the teams app using my Azure AD credentials.    If you use the official Microsoft Power BI teams app,  or bring in a PBI report via a teams channel tab,  they display the reports with no issue and do not require additional sign-in. 


I've found that this only happens in the teams desktop app,  when using my app in teams online,  the report just loads instantly as expected


If I hit the Sign-In button it attempts to take me to a webpage but the webpage barely loads before it closes after a few milliseconds.


A less than ideal workaround (for teams desktop) I've discovered is that if I add a website tab to one of my teams for signing into PBI:









This will allow me to sign-into my Power BI account.  Then if I go back to my custom app,   the report will now be visible. 




I can see there is lots of documentation around adding SSO to the custom apps,  but given that the SSO works for teams online I was hoping there would be easy way to prevent the user having to sign-in again within teams desktop


Any help would be much appreciated




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@RyanBentham I`m having this exact Issue, did you ever figure out a solution?