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I have created a new data source via Microsoft 365 admin centre > Search & intelligence > Connections. It is a simple website crawler. It has indexed and says 'ready' but I am getting inconsistent results when searching:


* On and search works as expected, I can see results under a new header in the All vertical, and a new custom vertical has been added as requested (which shows results).


* In Teams iOS, the same search DOES display the new vertical but NO results are returned (the new vertical says 'We didn't find any matches here').


Obviously this is not working as can I diagnose what's going wrong here? Can anyone suggest any next steps?


Any assistance much appreciated!



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Some progress...


Adding a custom result layout to the search made it start working! It was already fine on and SharePoint, so maybe this is only a requirement of iOS Teams app? Undocumented? Anyway I now have results appearing on mobile - good. Hope this information helps someone else one day.


Now, does anyone know Microsoft's timeline for adding custom search results to Teams desktop, Android or web apps...??

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@Prasad_Das-MSFT Thanks - didn't know this group was for apps only. My search issue was only happening in Teams (iOS app) which is why I posted here (plus the MS 365 group).