Custom App with tab capability working in developer mode but not in normal mode of desktop app

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I have built a custom app with tab capability. Inside the tab, I want to load a web-application.  i.e. embed an existing web-application inside the tab. The web-application supports SSO with Microsoft Azure AD. The way I want it to work is, when I launch the personal tab inside MS teams. It should take me directly to the home-screen of the web application. Since the user is already logged into MS teams with Microsoft credentials, the login should happen in the background. This works as expected in the Teams web-app. However, for the desktop app, it only works in developer mode. I see a white screen in normal mode. Any idea why this is happening? is there a setting that is different for developer mode of MS teams desktop app? Please advice.

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Hi @spatil2015, Have you added web-application domain url in valid domains. 

Yes@Mamatha-MSFT. These are my thoughts after investigating the issue from my end.  The sso login mechanism is not working properly with the default preview of teams desktop app. It works fine in the developer preview and teams web app. Now, this could be because of different settings between developer preview and default preview. Not sure. I am trying to understand how is developer preview different from default preview. Hope I was able to make it a little clear. Any help in resolving this issue is really appreciated.

Hi @spatil2015, We are unable to repro the issue. Could you please go through this sample.