Custom app not available in meeting configuration

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I am developing a custom app for teams, and after adding it to my organization, I can’t get the meeting integration working as I’d like.


If I go to the ‘apps’ button in the lower left corner of teams, my app is visible and I can ‘add to a team’ or ‘add to a meeting’.

If I choose this option, once in the meeting everything is working fine.


But if I first create a meeting and then try to add an app using the + button in the meeting configuration or the … in the chat after joining the meeting, my app is not visible at all.


My manifest already specifies groupchat and meetingSidePanel :

"configurableTabs": [{
    "configurationUrl": "...",
    "canUpdateConfiguration": true,
    "scopes": ["team", "groupchat"],
    "context": ["channelTab", "meetingSidePanel"]


Do I have to add another option to get my app visible in the meeting configuration’s + menu ?



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I have the same issue. No matter what settings in the Manifest nothing seems to change even when the Teams org is set to use beta features.
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Hi @maba91, You need to mention "meetingSurfaces" object in your manifest as shown in below

"configurableTabs": [
"configurationUrl": "URL",
"canUpdateConfiguration": true,
"scopes": [
"meetingSurfaces": [
"context": [

Hi @maba91 - Please let us know if your issue has been resolved.  

Hi @Mamatha-MSFT, I just gave it a try and yes, after adding "meetingSurfaces": ["sidePanel"] and "meetingDetailsTab" in context, my app is now visible in the meeting '+' menu.

Thanks for your help !

@maba91 I ran into the same issue, I applied the same config (context and meetingSurfaces) but I still can't add the app during a meeting.


I followed steps here:


Did anything change since the last post?