Creating a Teams Online Meeting in a Channel

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Hi everyone,


I have to create over 100 teams meetings in different channels for a online meetings day. 


I know I can use Flow once I have the Graph API working but I do not seem to be able to create a meeting in a channel that is then clickable by the end user. Has anyone any experience on creating Teams Meetings in Channels and offer any advise on if you managed to get it to work?


I have been using this as my reference:


Any examples on how you created the meetings would be greatly received.


Many thanks.



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@Karl Bolland - Do you want to create the meeting using UI and send the invitation to channel? Clickable by end user mean? Could you please explain your scenario in more detail.

@Nikitha-MSFT I am looking to batch create teams meeting in multple channels, the user will not be invited to directly to the teams meeting but will join the meeting by clicking the link that will appear in the chat on the channel where the meeting is taking place.


My idea is to have all the details of the different meetings in a SharePoint list then I will use a Flow to trigger Graph API calls to create the teams meetings in the correct channels.


I hope that makes sense and you are able to help.



@Karl Bolland - Currently when you create meeting using graph API it will send an email, where you will receive the all meeting details. You can provide the channel email to receive the email to the channel when you are creating the meeting. So that you will receive the email in the channel when user clicks on the link he will able to join the meeting.