Creating a Teams meeting with personal account

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Hello everyone,

I'm setting up an application on a multi tenant organisation Azure AD, configured with the most inclusive user permission ( Multitenant and personal accounts ) that will allows user to create meeting using the Microsoft Api Graph. I've already saw that the endpoint does not support it in the scenario where the permission is delegated and the account is a personal one, so we decided to go with the Application permission with admin grant. Now tenant(s) users should be able to create meeting with no issue, but what happens with personal account if they don't own ( and surely they don't ) a Teams license? 


Or: Which is the configuration required to use the Microsoft Graph API, that allows users to create their meeting from any source? So any tenant under the Azure AD and personal account

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While using Application permissions, all the meetings will be created on behalf of the Application and not the user. Also please note that Teams license is mandatory to access the Teams application, join meetings etc.
Ok great. Can a "personal" microsoft account buy a Teams license? As a single?