Creating a Teams meeting programmatically

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I have several customers using HCL Notes/Domino (previously Lotus Notes/Domino). Some of them are also using Teams.


I've been asked by some of them if it would be possible to add a button to the calendar form in the Notes calendar that will create a Teams meeting for them. The Teams meeting will then receive the Subject, date, time and participants, and return the URL for the Teams meeting, which will then be put in the description field in Notes.


I know that Teams has a good API, so I'm sure this can be done. Unfortunately I'm not that experienced with JSON and REST APIs, but I want to give it a shot. Any tips on how to to do this are welcome.


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@Hogne1260 , There is an API for reading and writing calendar items in Microsoft Graph, but there's currently no way to detect which ones are Teams meeting or to create Teams meeting(which, under the covers, is a few properties on the calendar item). That on the backlog of the outlook team to add to their graph API and many of us inside Microsoft are very eager to see it.

@Trinetra-MSFT Wow, really? I've been looking here and it seems likt i't sin beta (


I haven't gotten it to work, though. 

@Tim Wolf Thanks, I'll check it out!

@Tim Wolf In the link you share they mention the following:


Note: The meeting does not show up on the user's calendar.


Do you know what this means?  Does it mean anybody in the channel will not see it on their calendar?  Also, which calendar?  MS teams calendar?  Outlook calendar?  Both?


Hi there, I found out for HCL Notes Domino users there is a smart interface already on the market, which don`t need any installation on the Domino Server, and also no changes on the mailtemlate or any programmatically changes on the Notes Client side.


We are using Lotus Notes old version 9. Actually, our company wants to upgrate to V11. But we love Teams. Users were unhappy about the double work. So we integrated this gateway, which not only works with Team, but other video conference solutions as well (We have a small number of zoom users, top management, more to say?) Here the link to the Lotus Notes MS Teams Gateway Acutally, it is great, as we did not have to modify anything at the old Notes templates. To risky to play with the old code anyway. Via this notes2conf it works seamless for the users and they are happy using Teams again and we have no discussion on Sametime anymore - puh. :happyface:

Hi Guys,
Is there an updated and supported API for creating and viewing a Teams Meeting and does it retrieve CVI information (domain and conferenceID) for a scheduled Teams meeting?
Also can anyone provide clarification regarding item not appearing in users calendar as per link below which would make the current feature redundant if true.