CreateChannel in GraphAPI sometimes results in not creating the corresponding Sharepoint/OneDrive

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Currently the creation of a channel through the Graph API frequently results in the relative, corresponding Sharepoint folder not being created.

When using the Graph API to create a channel the response indicates creating the channel was a success, but when going to the files tab it shows:


"Your files can’t be found, working on it to restore them."


After having clicked on the files tab in the Teams UI, the folder is created eventually (after a couple of minutes).


But because automated processes depend on the channel folder, we don’t want to ask the user to manually open the team before the other processes can continue.


So: Team created: Ok -> Channel created: Ok-ish (But missing the linked folder) -> One-drive/share point folder, with the name of the channel: Not created


Sometimes the folder is created properly, but lately more often it is not created (Not even after 3-4 days of waiting) until the user opens the files tab in the Teams client.


This behaviour is new since it worked flawlessly until a week ago. Is there a known workaround for this?

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@sgsmittal I found that if we use delegated permissions instead of application permissions to create the private channel using graph api then the corresponding site is also automatically created

@sgsmittal said "I solved it for now by creating folder/driveitem in sharepoint document library after the success api call to create channel"


Hello, can you please elaborate on how exactly you solved it, i.e. using GraphAPI or else?

I urgently need a solution to this problem (standard channel, application permissions) and I hope that your solution might will work for me as well.

Hey, any update on it. I got the same issue, not sure how to solve it.

Hi @Baotoan1905 


it is still same issue. for a solution i did some R&D and got same api microsoft team is using when we open file tab of that channel. they also basically keep polling to check if sharepoint drive is created or not until it actually got provisioned. this api also force to initiate the process.

but you will need to generate skypeaccesstoken and x-skypetoken header to call this api

Having the same behavior, there's no warning or comment in the API documentation