Create External IM Contacts via GRAPH API

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Whilst I can create External Outlook Contacts via GraphAPI which SfBO Clients pick up via the Unified Contact Store how on earth do you do this for Teams ?
I have created an external contact for the user principal name in question but this only appears as a " PSTN Contact" only - as this is an Outlook Contact Card that the GRAPH API Creates...

If I manually create a contact in Teams I have IM/CHAT Available for this contact, however if I perform a GET via Graph for this users contacts this manually created one does not appear and only the API Created contacts appears ??? (I have populated IM Addresses etc... still no cigar...

Does anyone know if creating a contact for Teams users via Graph can be achieved in the same manner that Teams creates contacts manually ? If not is it on MSFT Roadmap to implement this ?
i.e. will we get exposure in the API to native Teams contacts rather than Outlook Contacts ?

As a side note a "new-azureadcontact" cmdlet would be really cool..... Does not exist :(


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So I have managed to workaround this by creating external guest azure AD Users via Beta GRAPH API.
It would be cool if we could just leverage for Teams the existing mail contacts/azure AD Contact objects, rather than having to create a "Guest Azure AD User Object"...