Conference ID format

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I would like to know what is the format of Conference ID in teams.

I found: The conference ID for all of your audio conferencing users will be 7 digits by default, and the number of digits can't be changed. (

But when I schedule a Teams meeting in Outlook it genereted Conference id in format: 999 999 99#. 

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Hi @ondrejbrozaaccenture, the conference ID format is 8 digits, as you described or experience it, too. I've requested validation on the documentation page which you have cross-referenced. So, let's have a look on the page soon. Maybe it get's updated.



Ok, thanks. And the formating of the 8 number is always xxx xx xx#? (x is single digit) 

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Hi @ondrejbrozaaccenture, it should be always xxx xx xx# (x is single digit).


But it's no binding statement. I might be subject to change by Microsoft. Please always consult the technical documentation, the link which you've posted.

@Erik365Online Thank you