composeExtensions in 'personal' chat

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I have a Teams bot with commands, which can be added in 3 places (personal, team, group chat)


I also added 3 commands in composeExtensions, which are only available in my team, and launch a web browser when selected (tasks)


Is it possible to have this composeExtensions in my personal chat? I would like to open the same info in a browser




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@diegoSpace Compose Extensions are scopeless, Once you add a compose extension, you should be able to access them from any scope. Are you facing any issue accessing the compose extension from personal chat?

@Gousia_Begum Thanks for your reply. Yes, I can not see composeExtensions in my personal chat (although chat command are also available there)

Do you know what could be the reason?

@Gousia_Begum Do you know why I can not see my messaging extensions in my personal chat? (they are available in the channel).


Thanks a lot

@Gousia_Begum I have read and try but I don't know if i can do anything for these options to appear in my personal chat. 


When I create a Messaging extension, I can not see where to set a scope or where to set that i need it also in the private chat...




What do i need to do on here

@Smith_lucy230 Sorry I don't understand you.


I need to see my Messaging extensions in the personal chat options ('What can I do' menu with my bot). I can see the options in the channel 'What can I do', but not in the private chat. My bot commands are available in both places, and as far as I understand Messaging extensions commands should also be available in both places... is not correct?




Same case, here, the composeExtensions work only when the bot is seted up on a Team, in personal chat don't work. Even if you type @BotName on the personal chat, the "What can I do?" menu not work.


Did you solved this issue in your case?