Compose Extension: One command, displayed twice


I have a custom application in Teams, with a bot running. I use App Studio for the creation process.

I have added a Messaging extension with 1 command and 1 param (to test this functionality), with 'Compose Box' option selected.

My problem is I see twice the command when I open 'What can I do?' in Teams client.

In the manifest there is only one command in the composeExtensions vector.

Where can be the problem?

Thanks in advance,

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@diegoSpace Could you please check if you have installed multiple instances of the app in other teams, delete them and have a single instance.

@Gousia_Begum I have installed this app only in one team, but i do see the application twice in the '...' option (Teams left panel). I guess this is the problem, but why I see 2 apps after a single installation? I install with App Studio (Test & Distribute - Install - Add to a team)



@diegoSpace Please remove the multiple instances of the app and try it.


I made sure that the other instance is removed. But I still see the same task module getting shown twice.

Hey @diegoSpace, did you get the solution? I'm facing the same issue. I have installed only one instance of my app but its showing me commands twice.

@anaas1070 I'm facing this same issue. Did you find the way to fix it?