Chatbot link is not working suddenly

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Hello Team,

I created a Chatbot and shared it within my organization via teams and it was working fine. But suddenly from yesterday we are receiving app does not exist / your organization might have blocked it.

This looks like a global issue with custombots an API is throwing an error.

Can you please take a look at this and fix it ASAP?
API throws 400 error, attached.
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Hi, Looks like you are using beta API. Could you please try using the production version, if it is available.
Thanks Prithvi. I have no control over the api. It's coming from Microsoft code.

However I was able to font the issue causing flow also raised a suggestion to MSFT to provide name of the flow in error instead of something Gibberish.

I got the name of the flow causing problem in the result of that failing api in developer tools > network tab
Hi, So were you able to track the issue causing the problem ?
Yes. I was able to resolve the issue.

It's not the new flow I added causing but an existing flow whose parameters for changed.