Chat BOT management - how to assign bot to others?

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On Teams Developer portal you can manage the bots:



But how I could assign that bot to someone else? As this is visible only for my personal account. 


When looking for this Bot on Azure portal, I could affect to the owner:


On there I have two owners:


Where other account is my personal account, but other account is my colleague. But still she is unable to see the app on her Teams client.


Does anybody knows if the bot could be assigned to someone else?



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@Petri-X - The users listed in 'Owners' of the app in Azure portal can view and edit this application registration. If you want your app created to be used by other users upload your app at org level and allow users to use the app.
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Prasad Das


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Thanks @Prasad_Das-MSFT 

Some companies might have strong restrictions with these apps. So when end user (developer/integrator) would like to add an app with chat bot to Teams, that work would not be so easily.


So my idea was to see, if admins can create the bot on Teams in advanced:


and then assign the bot for the developer. After that they could made the Teams app by their own and choose the Bot I have setup for her/him.


As above view is under the "Bot management" I thought there should be some real management options for Bots available.


But perhaps this is not possible.

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@Petri-X - Yes, currently this is not possible.

Ok, thanks to confirming my worries :)
Need to find workaround.
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@Petri-X - Yes, currently this is not possible.

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