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I've been exploring using the command box as an entry point to my application. After the user is done, I'd like to post a card to a channel. The problem I'm running into is that I can't figure out how to get the current channel context from within the command box.


I can see that the Praise app does exactly the type of thing that I'm trying to do. If you type @Priase in the command box the app opens a task module for you to build your card. When you click "Send" it posts the card to the currently open channel.


I tried looking at the data that I get from the invoke and there doesn't appear to be anything related to the channel in there. I also tried to use the botMessagePreview response. When I did, the send button was disabled and there was an error message that said that you could only send the card in the context of a channel.


How do you get the channel context when invoked from the command box? Praise clearly has a way of doing it so it must be possible but I can't seem to figure out how.

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I think I at least partially figured this out. I haven't figured out how to get the channel context from within the messaging extension itself but it looks like the javascript context does contain that information so I can use it from there.

@jasonburek - When we tried to invoke messaging extension from command box in channel scope,
we are getting context as below: 

    "name": "composeExtension/query",
    "type": "invoke",
    "timestamp": "2023-04-11T06:37:01.408Z",
    "localTimestamp": "2023-04-11T12:07:01.408+05:30",
    "id": "f:66e020e0-e1a2-ef8e-41fe-e53714d96ce8",
    "channelId": "msteams",
    "serviceUrl": "",
    "from": {
        "id": "29:1GdHzmtVE_hN2wPrVQSb0fdMuI-HG8_kDOUXSNcf1pCKVfQQNnDqsRBZ6kGaAVUlNYy7BzXbQc1dg38oMTNnKOg",
        "name": "MOD Administrator",
        "aadObjectId": "4ebcc4d0-291b-4154-a85f-a89cd77aefa8"
    "conversation": {
        "tenantId": "36a708ef-700d-4d60-9de0-0a5f7b7693df",
        "id": "29:1GdHzmtVE_hN2wPrVQSb0fdMuI-HG8_kDOUXSNcf1pCKVfQQNnDqsRBZ6kGaAVUlNYy7BzXbQc1dg38oMTNnKOg"
    "recipient": {
        "id": "28:448ec85c-4395-4f80-b5a1-cd3bdefd1f5b",
        "name": "AzBotPSD"
    "entities": [
            "locale": "en-US",
            "country": "US",
            "platform": "Web",
            "timezone": "Asia/Calcutta",
            "type": "clientInfo"
    "channelData": {
        "tenant": {
            "id": "36a708ef-700d-4d60-9de0-0a5f7b7693df"
        "source": {
            "name": "powerbar"
    "value": {
        "commandId": "searchQuery",
        "parameters": [
                "name": "initialRun",
                "value": "true"
        "queryOptions": {
            "skip": 0,
            "count": 25
    "locale": "en-US",
    "localTimezone": "Asia/Calcutta"


That looks similar to what I'm seeing. There is a section for "conversation" but that ID matches the From ID so it appears to be a reference to the 1:1 conversation with the user. I'm not seeing anything in there that would lead me back to the Team/Channel that's currently open.

@jasonburek - Yes , any channel related context is not available there.