Change status to DND if user is "in a meeting"

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I work in a company with highly confidential documents and materials. Therefore the protection of this IP is pretty important. Since IP can be exposed with the Teams pop-ups, these are pretty problematic in our situation. This is not an issue if you present something in virtual Teams meetings (because you automatically get the DND status if you share anything), but since there are a lot of meetings already happening again in physical form and there were a couple of incidents (people mirroring their screen on a TV/beamer, being "only" busy - in a meeting and they got some interesting messages as pop-ups in the middle of the meeting), which lead to the inquiry of the security manager to disable pop-ups from Teams alltogether.

Since I cannot control the pop-ups itself, I would be able to set the status of the users right? And the least invasive method would be to use the calender status of the user to use it as an indicator if he's in a meeting or not. And if he's in a meeting I would be able to change the status to DND and not only busy, right?


Any other ideas are highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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Can anyone help me out here please :folded_hands: