Change notification for online meeting doesn't work if previous subscription deleted


Hi, I have question about teams online meeting subscription. I try to create a subscription to an online meeting and delete that subscription. After a moment I create a new subscription on same meeting resource and it is created successfully. But I cannot receive any change notice. Is this a bug or this operation is not supported? 

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@ChenguangHe - Could you please elaborate your requirement and share the repro steps/document, so that we can try it from our end.

@Sayali-MSFT- OK. I want to subscribe an online meeting resource and see whether change notification works if multiple subscription created. Firstly I created an online meeting and create subscription on that meeting. And then I deleted that subscription and created a new subscription. I could see that the second subscription was created successfully but if I start the meeting I couldn't receive change notifications. So I wonder that is this a bug or meeting resource is not supposed to support multiple subscriptions?
@ChenguangHe - This is known issue. It is possible that the change notification has not originated from Microsoft Graph and may have been sent by a rogue actor. You should also investigate where the change notification comes from and take appropriate action.
@Sayali-MSFT - OK. I got your mean. So I need to try to keep subscription unless I don't need it. By the way can I ask another questions? I saw there is updateRecordingStatus option for call that we can send request to graph api to enable & disable recording for a call. I want to know that if there is same option for online meeting that I can enable & disable meeting recording after meeting starts?

@ChenguangHe - There is no API available for online meeting resource to update recording status.