Cannot find Teams App in Mobile Phone

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Hi All, It is very weird that I have uploaded my custom apps to Teams Admin Centre and I cannot found the my custom apps in mobile Teams.


I can found my App in web/desktop Teams but not in mobile. If I enable the Developer Preview, I can see the setup policies and apps in my mobile.


I am using iPhone 6s. 


Anyone encounters same issue?? Really need help from you guys!!

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@jojo222813-Could you please clear mobile team cache and check it once.
Teams->setting->data and storage
Hi @Sayali-MSFT, I tried to clear the cache, still no luck
@jojo222813-Please Log out and then log in again.
@Sayali-MSFT, thank you. However, I tried to sign out and sign in a few time still no luck.
@jojo222813-Could you please update the teams version or reinstall app and check it once?
hi @Sayali-MSFT, I tried to reinstll the apps still no luck. I am using teams version 4.10.1 and I am using iPhone 6S
@jojo222813-Could you please try this with any other Android/IOS device and let us know.
@Sayali-MSFT, tried in other devices still no luck
@jojo222813-Could you please share the manifest file, so that we can investigate from our end?
@jojo222813 - Hope you are doing well !!
Please let us know if your issue has resolved or need any help here ?