Can you build your own simpler UI on MSTeams and share with other people

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Is it possible to build an interface on MSTeams for different user groups? I am looking for a very simple interface for users as some are not tech savy and also a way of speeding up multiple calls with users. I would still like to use the basic functions such as calling, video, screen share, capture, notes etc. but an easier way of getting to them. Are there APIs that can be used? what is the coding? Will it cost? Do you need a special account/access? - Sorry New to MSTeams.  

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@ShafqatNabi - You can include custom tabs to build your own UI content in Teams. Could you please try tabs sample as documented hereCould you please share more details on what you are trying?

Could you for instance use all the backend functions of MSTeams i.e. making calls, audio, video, recording, screen share etc but have a completely different front end for example a one page with simple selection for elderly people to use? People who are completely new to IT and have never used web conferencing ever.  @Nikitha-MSFT 

@ShafqatNabi It is not possible to make calls using Tabs. You would need to use a calling Bot for that.