Can Teams Developer tools replace Fiddler?

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Atm Fiddler has been the only option to catch the candidates on Teams call. As seen on below:

Fiddler - Candicates.png


But using Fiddler have unwanted site affects. But as we are able to get the DevTools on Teams (click seven times Teams icon on system tray + and the right click icon, you should get Devtools menu) I thought if anybody has success to found the same information from DevTools?



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@Petri X -Could you please define candidates? Are they participants in the meeting? 

Hi @Nikitha-MSFT 

Actually those are not the attendees, but the IP address and ports which are used for RTP ( Real Time Protocol) when Teams client is making the call to P2P partner or to Teams services.


The following picture is taken from Fiddler:

Fiddler - Candicates 1.png


These details has been mandatory when you have done call troubleshooting on Skype. And we have faced troubles to find these on Teams logs.


If I could find these details on dev tools it could be very helpful.


@Petri X  : No, Teams Developer tool has certain limitations so Fiddler is far more suitable tool  for troubleshooting. 

Thank you @Manish-MSFT for your reply.


The problem with fiddler is, it have (negative) impact to the candidate negations, so that is why I'm looking for the read pure media stack logs or wishing to see if dev tools can bring the light to our work.


So the research must continue :)