Can't upload "hello world" tab to teams

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Hello! I'm unable to upload a local development version of an app to my MS Teams, despite following the instructions here: Build and run your first Microsoft Teams app


I keep seeing the "Permissions needed. Ask your IT admin to add FirstTab​​ to this team." error, but I am the org admin and all the permissions are enabled by default.


Any help/insight is appreciated! Thank you!

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@jessicahsieh In the Teams Admin center, under Teams Apps > Setup policies, could you confirm that you have enabled the Upload custom apps policy?




Hi @jessicahsieh, yes @waldek is right. Could you please confirm that you have enabled upload custom apps in setup policies? Please have a look on this reference document.

Update: I checked again (~2 hrs later) and it's working. Looks like it just took some time for the changes to take effect. Thanks again




@Mallipriya_MSFT @waldek Thanks for the responses! Looks like I was missing the Upload custom apps policy. I've updated and saved it but still see the same error message when I try to install my custom app.


Do I need to wait for my changes to be updated? Is there anything other policy I'm missing? Thank you!

Awesome! Great to hear all is working :clapping_hands:
@jessicahsieh, Thanks for confirming back. Good to hear It is working!!!