Can't sign my driver with sha384 EV code signing certificate

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Hello, our company renew EV code signing certificate, and now it has sha384 algorithm, our driver correct pass all HLK tests, and after it i have signed my *.hlkx result with this certificate, but micorosoft partener center can't accept this *.hlkx due to error: "Microsoft allows SHA2 only signature algorithm. Please re-sign with a valid certificate and submit again"


Help me, please.

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I correct sign driver in HLK, all tests are passed, but after i can't upload my *.hlkx result to microsoft, because i have error: "Microsoft allows SHA2 only signature algorithm. Please re-sign with a valid certificate and submit again", i have bought certificate on, and now they provide sha384 algorithm, because sha256 is deprecated, but microsoft can't accept this *.hlkx signed with this certificate.


information indicates that you must use the same computer and browser for the signature to be considered valid. 

@Deleted, you have signed driver thougth HLK? I've signed drivers about five years, and i know how to buy certificate, how to pass HLK tests, and how to upload *.hlkx to microsoft partner center, but now provide me sha384 certificate and sign *.hlkx result using HLK studio with this certificate, but microsoft partner center don't accept this result, because my certificate is not sha256 :(
Starting from May 28, 2021, 14:00 MDT (20:00 UTC), DigiCert will require 3072-bit RSA keys or larger for code signing certificates. This change is to comply with industry standards. These new RSA key size requirements apply to the complete certificate chain: end-entity, intermediate CA, and root. ECC key requirements however remain unchanged.

So how can i choose SHA256 when i sign my *.hlkx result from HLK STUDIO ?
It's good that you raised this problem!
The suggestion speaks of a switch - SH256 , so maybe there is an error here?
This switch applicable for signtool.exe utility, and i use this switch, but HLT test result signed by HLK studio and i can't use this switch or something else in this step.
We have exactly the same issue...
We do have same issue, any solution ?