Can our Teams App fetch all conversations (private and public) solely using Power Apps?

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Hello Community,


We are building a Machine-Learning powered solution where we gather all user conversations from all workspaces of a company and then use them to conduct sentiment and emotion analyses.


Naturally, the most crucial part is fetching the required data from the client's Teams workspace to our Database in order to be able to train our ML model and conduct the analysis.


Therefore the data lifecycle looks like this:

  1. Client installs our app in their MS Teams Workspace
  2. Our App automatically retrieves data in given timeframes (e.g. once per week)
  3. The data ends up in our Database
  4. ...

Can we build such app leveraging a no-code solution from Microsoft's professional tools (e.g. Power Apps, Power Automate, etc.)?


Thank you for your time and consideration :)



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Hi @Petros_Topouzis, You can use graph API  beta version to get all messages from teams. Please refer to this documentation.