Can I load an app to a Teams org without publishing the app publicly, and how to test?

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The teams "app" I am creating integrates my web platform for the users of the platform. People outside of my platform do not need the teams app.


After I get an oauth token from the organization's admin, can I install the Teams app onto their Teams instance without actually publishing the app to the app store?

But also equally important, how can I set up a test instance for this? The permissions require the admin of an organization (not school or personal account). How do I set up a test teams tenant, does it require me to have a paid subscription to the developer community?

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@adamhouck , Thanks for reaching out to us. You can upload the teams app manifest within your personal scope or teams channel for the other users. Please take a look at Manage your app in teams admin center.

here is the documentation for running and debug your app locally and preparing you office365 tenant.

Let me know if this doesn't help you.