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I'm trying to get a list of all Teams calls for the previous day. I'm following the instructions from TechNet - and have the applications setup correctly but don't know what call to make, in the documentation all it mentions is:



Are there any samples of getting all calls for a particular date?

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@dafo43, You need to implement graphClient in your application and call the GET{id}

endpoint to fetch the list of calls recorded. Currently there is no powershell sample code. I believe you can implement the same in powershell.Let me know if this doesn't help you.

@Trinetra-MSFTThanks, though it doesn't really help me, I'm not a developer so I only know Powershell. From what I was reading I need to get a subscription to get all the calls back for the previous day, which would give the ID. But again there is no sample of how to do this in Powershell.


I have the Azure application setup correctly, it's just a case of making the correct Graph calls.

@dafo43 , Yes The API which I've mentioned is the correct graph API. There is no power shell sample available for it. But if you know power shell you can call the API as in other language.