Call queue - Calls wrong views

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When other members of call queue answer to a call, my Teams client displays these calls as in attachment

This view doesn't go away, the only way is logout and login in Teams client.

Is it a bug? When should be it fixed?

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@8alemas63_ Thanks for reporting this. We have raised a bug for this and we are tracking it internally.

@Gousia_Begumthanks for your feedback

How can I follow the updates about this bug?

@8alemas63_ This bug is being tracked internally. We will let you know when this is fixed.

@8alemas63_ Could you please clarify if this is happening everytime or only in specific cases? Could you please provide the logs captured during the repro? You could get them by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Shift+1 with Teams app in focus during the repro.

@Gousia_Begumthis happens every time when other member of the call queue answer to calls.

In attachment Teams logs and a screenshot of the call not answered

@8alemas63_ Could you please let us know what is the call queue routing method used? It would be one of the following three values:


@Gousia_Begumthe call queue routing method is attendant