Calendar Integration in Teams Bot

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Hi Team,


Below is the requirement where in need your help to discuss and understand the best ways to implement. We have a Bot hosted on teams using Bot framework and need to give the users capability to book meeting and room. The room here is the external system not the outlook rooms. Hence booking meeting online and room are going to be hand in hand for the conversation. Trying to understand if we could leverage the existing calendar app via Bot and continue with room booking. Can we load the calendar meeting pop up in Bot using task modules and continue the other conversations ? Challenges we have currently is Bot cannot do a people search to be able to add attendees. This needs a custom form to be called. Kindly please comment.

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@RajaniJilla Do you want to load the calendar functionality of MS Teams inside your Bot? That is not possible. You could allow your bot to create an online meeting using Graph API.

@Gousia_Begum Hi, Thanks for responding. Since we have to make sure users are able to search for attendees easily which is not supported by default in teams Bot chat window and adaptive card, wanted to check what are the best ways to do instead of developing the complete conversation from scratch.

Hi Team,
Could you please help with alternatives to approach this ?

@Gousia_Begum Can you please help on the below which could be an option to leverage:


As of now this is developer preview, could you please help by when this will become GA.

@RajaniJilla Currently, we do not have a firm ETA to share with you on when this will be GA.